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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Portable Cool Room

It's a challenging task to operate successfully and see profit in a food-related business, be it a restaurant, cafe, or cafeteria. This is because almost all food items are perishable and have a limited shelf life. Though there have been significant advances increasing the shelf life and making it less prone to microorganism's attack, the best way to preserve food is still to use freezers or cool rooms.

Mobile Cool Rooms- An Efficient Solution

Food-related establishments and businesses rely most on freezers and cold rooms. The raw materials of their business, food, need to be stored and served fresh. A malfunctioning mobile cool room can have disastrous effects on any food business. They're at risk of losing their valuable food stocks, or even their business. Still more alarming, fixing a cold room is not always a straightforward job. There's no guarantee you will have enough time to relocate your products.

In the case of an emergency, when your freezer or cool room is not functioning, there is a quick solution; hiring a portable cool room. If your business has an interest in catering private events, corporate functions and festivals, getting hold of a portable freezer or cool room will provide countless benefits. Likewise, if you intend to serve fresh, quality food on the go to an outdoor party, you definitely need a mobile cool room. In this way, you can provide the best possible product for your guests and customers.

Considerations When Hiring A Portable Cool Room

When you've decided to hire a cool room, there are a few things you ought to consider.

  • Temperature Control: One of the first reasons for hiring a mobile cool room is to assure the safety of your product. There are several types of product you can carry in a cool room. Apart from carrying food, you can use to cool drinks or flowers for an event.
    These products need to survive the hottest of Australian temperatures. Though almost all portable freezers have the ability to withstand this kind of weather, you need to ensure the safety of your goods.
  • Hiring According to Your Needs: How long do you need the cool room? Why do you require it? What will you store? How much storage do you need? Ask yourself these questions.
    Choosing the correct size is key. It's advisable to measure your needs and hire a slightly bigger cool room, so that you know that you're covered. You might need to store different types of goods. Different items need different types of cool rooms. For example, ice cream or dairy products can be stored in the same place, at the same temperature.
    However, if you need to store beer or other drinks, you'll need to consider another specific type of storage unit. There are several options for mobile cool room hire with a wide range of price and sizes. You need to choose the right one which is effective for you.
  • Safety Measures for the Trailer: The ultimate feature of a portable cool room is its mobility. You can move it anywhere with ease. However, this also makes it vulnerable. What if the whole vehicle is stolen? Certain safety features are required.
    A professional company will offer some kind of protection against theft. This could include padlocks or rim clamps, so that it can't be driven away. Some companies also provide GPS equipped vehicles which can track down easily.

Hiring A Portable Cool Room In Melbourne

Cool room hire is quite affordable. As people generally think that hiring a mobile cool room is expensive, but this isn't always the case. You can always contact a professional refrigerated transport service and get an idea of the cost.

When you feel the need for a portable cool room, hiring is a great option. We at OFE Refrigerated provide services in the greater Melbourne area and have a wide variety of cool rooms and mobile trailers ready for hire.

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