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OFE Refrigerated Transport - A Leading Refrigerated Transport Company In Melbourne

With coverage throughout the Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria, OFE Refrigerated Transport specialises in transport and logistics service. Since 2000, ...
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5 Considerations When Buying A Used Refrigerated Vehicle

Refrigerated vehicles are the go-to logistics option when you’re looking to transport perishable goods such as seafood, fruits or vegetables. If you own a bu...
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Different Types of Prime Movers Available in Australia

When you need to transport bulky goods over long distances, a prime mover is the right vehicle for your business. Along with the capacity to carrying a large...
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8 Ways a Container Side Loader Can Help Your Business to Grow

The success of a business can often depend on the tools or technologies at hand. When it comes to container loading, several loaders and trucks can do the jo...
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Refrigerated Shipping Container: Impacts on Global Food Industry

Since the late 1940s, shipping containers have been used to transport goods globally, expanding our growth and consumerism worldwide. Marine transportation i...
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8 Things (You Never Thought) Carried in a Refrigerated Truck

If you thought refrigerated trucks were only necessary for transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and frozen foods, think again. A lot of other items ...
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