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Refrigerated Transport Vehicles

Hire Refrigerated Truck, Vans and Drivers for Our Cheaper Refrigerated Transport Service

Our quick and efficient service ensures secure delivery of your refrigerated and frozen goods to their destination.

With hundreds of clients across the state, OFE Refrigerated Transport is one of Victoria’s leading refrigerated vehicle (trucks, vans, trailers) service providers.

We have put together a large, modern fleet with a range of different sized refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers; from a 3 pallet Sprinter van to a 24 pallet Truck, plus up to 44 pallets in our bar loaded Trailers.

Whether you represent a large food retail company or a private business in Melbourne, we have a solution for you. We also pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date by implementing the latest GPS technology available in the logistics industry in our fleet, which provides our clients with comprehensive tracking and monitoring ability and most importantly consistent service.

One of our top priority is to keep the refrigerated and temperature controlled vehicles in the best possible condition, with regular servicing and inspections of machinery to ensure your frozen and chilled goods are kept at the ideal temperature. With our dual-temperature technology, we are also able to maintain two temperatures in the same vehicle between separate cargo compartments. This means that if necessary, frozen goods and dry goods can be transported together.

The implementation of cutting-edge technology used in the transport industry also enables us to monitor not only the route, fuel efficiency and time taken over the course of a job but also the temperature levels throughout. We provide detailed reports so you can be sure that we’re upholding our end of the bargain and keeping your frozen goods at the right temperature throughout the journey.

Our Refrigerated Transport Solution Includes:

  • Dual evaporated equipment to accommodate for chilled and frozen goods combined
  • DC and Multi Drop loads
  • Food Service deliveries
  • Same day service on request
  • Contract work and Ad-Hoc
  • Temperature download report capability when required
  • State of the art GPS tracking
  • Prime Safe Accredited