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Guide to Renting Shipping Containers in Australia

Shipping containers are always a good investment while being one of the most economical ways to transport and store goods. Today, there is a wide range of uses for shipping containers, including manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and even retail. Even not just for industry-based use, many also use shipping containers for household uses. 

So from building a new warehouse to moving your business to a new location to storing inventory, shipping goods, or even storing furniture, a shipping container can be a great solution to your problem. But before you end up renting one, do know what you should consider before doing so.

When to consider renting a shipping container

Even though shipping containers can be both bought and leased across Australia, many individuals and businesses prefer to rent instead of purchasing a shipping container. Because renting shipping containers comes with many benefits. Let’s discuss some of the situations where leasing a container makes a lot of sense.

If you are seeking a solution for temporary use: 

Make a rough idea of how long will you need to rent the container. And if you find that the container will be of no use more than once in a certain period, hiring one would be an ideal option to fulfil your short-term needs.

If you want to go for an affordable option: 

When shipping container rental can start somewhere from just $3+ GST per day, buying a container typically costs under $3000 plus tax. So if you are on a tighter budget yet require a good quality container go for leasing a shipping container with no maintenance cost and tax.

If you want to experience flexibility depending on your needs: 

In case your business requires different containers according to your different requirements, like open-top containers for loading heavy items and refrigerated containers to store perishable goods, you should go for hiring. The options are endless!

Quick tips & tricks while renting shipping containers in Australia

If you’re planning to rent a shipping container in Australia, it is vital that you know what you’re getting into. From container size to container transport, there are plenty of issues that you should be sure of before renting a container for your next move.

The following guide will show you the best ways to rent a shipping container in Australia to get the most out of your container rental.

Identify your ideal type and size of shipping container

Shipping container comes in a variety of types and sizes. Dry storage, refrigerated, flat rack, open-top, open side, tunnel to special purpose, and all forms of shipping containers are available. However, all these vary depending on the usage. Such as, when the flat rack is ideal for shipping oversized goods, heavy machinery or construction materials, the open-top is used for over-height products. Also, in terms of sizes, most of the containers are available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. So make sure you have all the information you need regarding the types, interior and exterior measurements and sizes of the available shipping containers.

Run market research to compare prices

It is also a good idea to check online before renting a shipping container in Australia to know how much you should pay. You will find many different websites that offer shipping containers for rent. Then you can ask for a free quote from the website you choose and compare the price range, hidden fees, additional services, available container types and sizes between shipping container companies. Also, check on their charging policy, whether it will depend on the weight of the belongings or determined based on the distance travelled. You can even ask your friends and family for recommendations to get the best deal.

Seek for references

Checking references is necessary as it gives you a genuine idea of how satisfied the previous clients are with that particular company. You can get a glimpse of their past work, link to past clients and ask some informative questions about the quality of the containers and the level of customer service, get an idea of how the containers are being handled etc. And, in case a company fails to provide you with references, it wouldn’t be wise to hire one.

Check the container condition in person

Visit the company in person and check the condition and age of your shipping container. Because sometimes, it is just not enough to rent a container depending on the online overview. You can know the extent of use and damage the container has undergone, do a complete examination of the accessories, including doors, locking mechanism, walls or roofing, and figure out whether the materials work or not.

Ask about insurance

You need to check the insurance contract as well as the insurance period to keep yourself away from financial losses. Ask your container service provider about the kind of insurance they are going to provide or the protection they will ensure for lost or damaged items. Otherwise, in the case of damage to your belongings or container, it may lead to conflicts if the damage to goods is not included in the insurance.

Ask about the delivery process and fees

Delivery is another crucial factor to consider while hiring a shipping container. Whether you plan to shift your warehouse goods or business products to another place, you need the facts about delivery. So try to look for container transport providers that work to collect and deliver containers in an efficient, safe and fast way. Some companies even look after handling, packing/unpacking or storage processes too, along with providing quality shipping service. Also, discuss the cost of the moving task prior.

Here at OFE refrigerated transport, you will get a specialised container shipping transport service in Melbourne. From loading to handling to storing to delivering, the professional staff of OFE can handle any of your tasks at ease. So get in touch with the OFE group today and experience the fast and reliable transport service.

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