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OFE Refrigerated Transport - A Leading Refrigerated Transport Company In Melbourne

With coverage throughout the Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria, OFE Refrigerated Transport specialises in transport and logistics service. Since 2000, OFE has been an industry-leading provider of refrigerated delivery services.

At OFE, it is all about providing the convenience of a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles. They have worked for some of Australia's biggest food retailers like Coles and KFC. Eventually, they build a strong rapport with retailers and suppliers of all sizes and kinds.

OFE makes frozen goods delivery simple

They aim to cover all aspects of refrigerated transportation services. These include, but are not limited to, the following services:

OFE Refrigerated Transport strives to offer cost-effective refrigerated vehicle services. Their fleet collections are all about the vehicle that follows trend and technology, travel well, and are low maintenance and long lasting.

To give the quickest and most efficient frozen goods delivery, OFE has an extensive fleet that includes different refrigerated truck and freezer transport van models, from 3 pallet Sprinter to 24 pallet trucks. That gives OFE the flexibility to offer their service to both large goods suppliers and small delivery orders.

Their valuable and temperature sensitive trucks are fully equipped with GPS technology. Thus, produce the most detailed journey report with precisions and efficiency. For your perishable goods, OFE has the best range of mobile freezer rooms and trailers available around the clock. Whether you need a permanent contract or have an Ad-Hoc work, their prime movers and drivers are there to fulfil the requirement all over Melbourne and interstate, if required.

OFE service has been used everywhere

For commercial need in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls and trade shows. Their mobile cool room hire service meets customer satisfaction for major events like weddings, parties and festivals. They have an excellent market understanding and the mammoth amount of field experiences. That explains how OFE offers you a full line of refrigerated transport services in one way or another. 

As a refrigerated transport company, OFE is a proud carrier of HV management systems. Their unrivalled breadth of service covers same day service, experienced drivers, fleet managers and personnel. Their single drive, bogie drive and B-Double rated prime movers and drivers are available, no matter what time of day. They make sure that your frozen goods will reach the destination in time and in a safe and sound manner.

They have the state of the art infrastructure and know-how with prompt and reliable service. Team OFE can help you decide what logistics support is appropriate for your need. If it's off-the-shelf or custom designed, OFE is there to meet your specifications.

OFE is the one you trust for a quality transport and logistics service

Specialising in transport service, as well as offering a full line of refrigerated vehicles, OFE combines professional service with cost-efficient solutions for your every delivery. You can take advantage of hiring the industry leader of refrigerated and container transport company and get access to their wide range of fleet at once.

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