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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transport isn’t exactly a subject that people get excited about. However, the transportation of frozen goods has been around for centuries and has quite a fascinating history. Here are a couple of things we’re sure you don’t know about refrigerated transport.

1. Zoo Animals Can Be the Cargo

It’s not just food and supplies that truck drivers haul around! How do you think penguins get from point A to point B? Refrigerated trucks are set up especially for the transport of zoo animals like penguins so that they can travel safely between their homes and when they need a change of scenery. On top of that, people would rarely know that an animal is in transit or was being transported on the motorway next to them, saving all the furore.

2. Conservation of Endangered Frogs

The corroboree frogs are native to the Southern Tablelands of Australia. Drought and fungal diseases have made them into an endangered species within the time span of the 1980s and 1990s. With a mission to conserve these species, they are being bred in captivity inside refrigerated transports before being released into the wild.

3. Refrigerated Vehicles Date Back to 1939

Humans have preserved food for centuries. Ancient civilisations such as the Romans and Greeks stored snow in caves and buried food in it to keep it for longer. In the 1800’s, ice blocks were carried around in the back of wagons and sold. It wasn’t until the 20th century that an American named Frederick McKinley Jones came up with a mechanical cooling system that could be adapted to fit on tractor trailers. He was the Co-founder of US Thermo Company with an accumulation of more than 60 patents which is one of the leading companies in this industry.

4. 90 Percent of Foods in Australia Has Been in a Refrigerated Truck at Some Point

Refrigerated trucks have a massive impact on the food supply chain in Australia. A mind-wobbling 90percent of foods are transported via refrigerated trucks here.

5. The First Mr. Whippy Truck Started in Australia in 1962

Without a doubt, the most popular and beloved refrigerated vehicle in history, Mr. Whippy, the distributor of ice cream and frozen yogurt in Australia and New Zealand - is still going strong in Australia today and its melodic tune is recognisable to both young and old.

6. Transporting Honey Bees

It might come to you as a shock, but honey bees are transported using refrigerated truck services. There is a very good reason for using such a transportation system. Bees produce a tremendous amount of heat, and when carried in cargo the generated heat cannot escape. Such build-up of heat may lead to damage to the cargo or other unwanted conditions. Because of this, refrigerated van service is a great choice for safely transporting bees.

7. Refrigerated Railroad Car

With the increased need for preserving food, in 1867 J.B. Sutherland patented the refrigerated railroad car. The design consisted of two ice bunkers and an insulated car at the middle. The ice bunkers were responsible for the supply of cold air while the circulation was conducted by gravity. Circulation was also controlled by creating a difference in temperature through the use of hanging flaps.

8. Market Value of Refrigerated Transport

You would be stunned just by looking at the growth of demand for refrigerated transport in the field of chilled and frozen food products. In 2017, the value of the refrigerated transport market was at USD 13.93 billion which has already risen to USD 14.64 billion in 2018. With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.67%, it is expected to reach USD 19.29 billion by 2023.

9. Painting and Art Often Needs to be Transported in a Refrigerated Environment

Low temperature and humidity are crucial for the wellbeing of fine art, particularly old pieces. Artists who wish to transport art pieces need to think about storage and handling issues as failing to do so can impose significant incurable damages on any piece of art. This is something every aspiring art-thief should keep in mind!

10. Transport Vaccines Based on WHO guidelines

The importance of vaccination for preserving public health and containing diseases is widely recognised. But, vaccines are temperature sensitive, and they need to be transported safely and securely. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has selected +2 to +8 degree Celsius as the range for vaccine transport, which has been adopted and followed by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) as a guideline.

However, you should not expose the vaccines to zero or subzero temperature, and avoid the direct use of ice during transport. These restrictions and limitations have made Refrigerated Transport system the best choice if you want to transport your vaccines securely.

11. Transport Your Christmas Trees

It may sound strange, but people move Christmas Trees to distant locations using refrigerated transport. The motive is to keep the trees fresh for a more extended period while making sure that the branches do not go bare. As a consequence, during the festive season the demand for refrigerated transport increases.

12. Study Global Climate Change

Climate change and its impact have gained everyone’s attention. Did you know that refrigerated transports are also contributing to understanding global climate change?

A good way for scientists to study climate change is to gather knowledge about the concentration of isotopes along with the quantity of dust and gases trapped within the ice. For the convenience of their research, ice cores are extracted and transported over a long distance using refrigerated trucks.

13. Your Daily Personal Care Products Need Refrigerated Transport

You might not be aware, but the perfume that you use daily when stepping out of your home needs to be stored and transported at a regulated temperature. If you are a woman, then you already understand the effect heat has on your lipstick. To preserve the magic scent of your perfumes and stop the melting of your lipstick, transportation takes places from the factory to the warehouse or retail shops using refrigerated transports.

Whatever your business may be, you can now guess how much impact a refrigerated transport system has on business logistics. Refrigerated transport manufacturers are now looking forward to finding more innovative ways to meet our different needs.

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