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How GPS Benefits Container Transportation

With the world now more connected than ever, customers and businesses are buying and shipping items all over the world on a daily basis. Many customers rely on international mail services to handle their small items, whilst larger companies hire international shipping companies to deal with huge orders which need to be sent to different continents.

But there is one universal requirement of both large and small customers - being able to track shipments.

Many people use shipment tracking systems to locate their mail for important purchases, and the same is true of companies that make international shipments. Lots of these companies rely on GPS equipped service for punctual shipping times to meet important deadlines, so keeping track of their goods and services is of paramount importance to them.

New Technology for Customers

GPS location systems have been in place for a long time on transportation systems such as planes and ships, tracking their locations in the air and at sea. More and more shipping companies are now including GPS location systems for individual shipping containers, allowing their customers to know exactly where their shipments are no matter where in the world their shipping container may be.

Tracking Your Delivery

This is a great advancement in technology in enabling companies to be able to tell their customers where their shipped items are, and roughly when they should arrive in port and have their landed status updated. Many GPS location tracking systems can be fitted with sensory equipment that sends certain pings and updated locations at set periods of time, depending on where the shipping container is.

Shipping container tracking systems that use GPS are also prudent in the case of an emergency or theft. When dealing with insurance claims, the added ability to track the shipment will allow you to report to authorities if something is awry with your shipment and allow the shipping company to keep you informed of where your shipping container is.

Streamline Your Delivery Schedules

In the case of road transportation, GPS location tracking is a perfect tool to keep customers informed of the whereabouts of their products and goods in a live view at all times, from pick up point to drop off. This will allow the customer to make changes to their schedules for unloading and offloading, as well as giving staff time to prepare for incoming stock - this can be particularly useful when keeping track of goods and products that require refrigerated transportation. The customer has access to mapping software which allows the GPS location to be seen superimposed over a real map, and they can even see which particular road a shipment is on.

If your goods and products are required within a strict time frame, then hiring a transportation specialist such as OFE Refrigerated Transport, with its GPS tracking equipped refrigerated transports, is the right choice to make. With deliveries on time and with the opportunity for you to locate each individual truck and shipment, you will save your company money over time, and help to streamline your delivery schedules for years to come.

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