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Beginner's Guide to Renting a Shipping Container

Beginner's Guide to Renting a Shipping Container

Shipping containers play a golden role whenever it is about the transportation of goods or materials to and from one destination to another. 

Be it to store businesses' equipment or to transport inventory or raw materials; there comes no second choice except shipping containers. Being designed for transportation, shipping containers make the movement from location to location simple, ensuring the safety of the contents. Also, being remarkably flexible and versatile, shipping containers can meet any required standard and can be used in a variety of ways.

And in case you want to save on costs and just need it for short and temporary uses, the best option is to hire. But the process of container rental might seem overwhelming at the beginning. After all, it is not an everyday purchase.

Hence read on to learn more about the shipping container rental process before you go to purchase one.

Why opt for shipping container leasing?

If you catch yourself wondering in the midst of whether to go for shipping container leasing or not, start by looking at its benefits of it. Because before you delve into the fundamentals of hiring shipping containers, know what it offers and how you are going to have profited from that.

Renting a shipping container is a modest investment. Because compared to buying a brand new one, renting shipping containers is cost-effective and involves no such maintenance or liability hassles. Neither you need to worry about the wear and tear that occurs during the procedure, nor you will be responsible for any damages. Also, you can enjoy renting a variety of types of containers as per your ideal size and space requirements. Here even after your renting period, you have the option to reconsider the size and pick another one while renting later. Also, depending on the situation, you can enjoy multiple tax benefits, which might include the deduction of leasing payment.

Areas to consider while renting shipping containers-

Now that you made the decision that you are going to rent a shipping container, from container dimensions to container transport, there are some factors that you need to consider to do it in the best way. Especially if you are a starter in this job, it might feel tough to come out with one smart decision with so many options out there. So let's break down some major issues you must need to look for.

Container size and dimensions

Shipping containers come in multiple sizes. Some container supplies even offer modified or custom-sized containers, which often cost more compared to the available standard sizes. The followings are 3 of the most common container sizes available in the market.

10ft shipping container:

This one is the smallest shipping container that can fit into parking spaces and driveways effortlessly. This works well for small businesses or organisations looking for storage solutions or for those who need to fit a lot in a premium space. However, this size isn't considered the standard one for overseas fright.

20ft shipping container:

This size is ideal for both small or medium-sized industrial or commercial storage requirements. The rental prices may vary, but this size is a convenient option as it requires minimal capital investment. It can fit in any location with no issue and is big enough to store anything from the vehicle to the contents of one or two apartments.

 40ft shipping container:

Containers of this size offers the most prominent internal storage space. That is why it is the ideal option for shipping high volume contents or a large volume of goods. In addition, except for shipping, these large-sized containers can be repurposed for multiple uses, such as housing, mining, construction etc.

Container style or type-

There are tons of container types available that ensure the proper handling of loads. Some most common container types are:

Standard container: This is the most commonly used container in the shipping industry. Usually, come in the size of 20ft and 40ft, but the capacity of the container may vary from operator to operator. Also, it can be customised on the inside to carry specific types of goods.

Double door container: Double door containers provide a convenient option as it makes a wider room to load or unload the goods. The container can be customised or partitioned for storage purposes.

Open top container: As the name suggests, this type of container has an open-top, and heavy tarpaulin sheets are used to cover the roof. As the roof remains open, the open-top containers hold larger capacities than the regular ones.

Flat rack container: Flat rack containers come with no roof or door but two sides. They are mostly used for heavy loads that require loading from above or sides. The containers can be 20 or 40 feet long.

Container condition

You have to make sure that the shipping containers you are renting are in acceptable conditions. In the renting process, you might be using used or second-hand condition shipping containers which might contain hazardous chemicals or remnants of toxic products. And if those substances or chemicals linger forever, these will end up affecting your shipping goods too. So before you hire one, it is wiser to consider the past use of your shipping container, like how many trips it had made, where was the location etc.

Cost of shipping containers

The cost of renting shipping containers varies depending on the container's age, types, dimensions and modifications. Also, the market situation, such as the demand and supply of any particular kind of container, impacts the cost. And this is why most containers in small sizes cost more than the standard sizes, as they are difficult to find in the market. So from the very beginning, you should be clear about your budget plan to determine the right container size and type that fits your budget.

Reliable delivery process

Though the container transport process will depend on the provider's policies, you need to consider some queries. For example, check on how your rented container will be delivered to your desired location and whether the delivery truck will gain access to your area or not. Or find whether the container delivery company provides further help in the packing/unpacking or storing process. Also, you have to make sure that there are no obstructions to the delivery truck and it is run by skilful drivers and staff.

Common mistakes to avoid

Some common mistakes that need not make when renting a shipping container include,

Purchasing the wrong type or size

Because even if the containers may look similar, eventually, not all are the same. Some varieties are refrigerated, which are ideal for storing perishable goods; some are specially designed for storing hazardous goods. So to pick the right option among the vast range, you need to research the size and special features in detail.

Not planning for delivery

Even if you have planned a spot to place your shipping container, you also need to consider the surroundings so that it doesn't hold any obstacles. That is why you should plan the delivery process prior to getting your container where it needs to be with no hassle.

Not checking the history of used containers

Renting a used container is not a problem. But often skip the process of checking the history of the used container when it is worth checking. Because if you do so, you need to handle the risk to carry your goods with the damaged container, which might put you in huge liability later.

Over modification

Nowadays, containers can get chopped, refashioned or remodelled. However, though you have the freedom to modify your container as per your wish, don't forget that it would be hard to replace if you go overboard, as an over-modified container will cause you various troubles.

Contact OFE refrigerated transport

No doubt, shipping containers require special care. Hence to ensure smooth transport, you need to consider the vehicle you will be using; otherwise, delivery could be difficult. That is why it is wiser to work with a professional logistics company. OFE refrigerated transport is a leading container transport company that offers specialised services throughout Melbourne and Victoria. So if you are seeking companies with fast and reliable transport services, contact OFE refrigerated transport to experience the quickest and safest container delivery.

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