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Tailgate Loaders

OFE’s has a large fleet of Refrigerated Vehicles with Experienced Drivers for your convenience, including tailgate loaders which can help speed up the delivery process.

Under certain conditions, a vehicle with a tailgate loader may be the best option. This enables our team to quickly and safely load/unload the truck or van when a docking facility or forklift is available at your end. In most cases, this is preferable as it is less labour intensive and makes things more efficient, meaning that the stock gets to where it needs to be more quickly than it otherwise would.

Our range includes refrigerated trucks and vans with tailgate loaders that – like all the vehicles in our fleet – are kept in excellent condition and are fully equipped with GPS technology to provide you with the data needed to make informed logistics and business decisions.

Discuss your logistics requirements with OFE; we can find a solution that ensures you get the most efficient service possible.

OFE Refrigerated Truck