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Prime Movers Service in Melbourne

Our modern & reliable Prime Movers for Contract or Ad-Hoc work at competitive prices

We have a wide range of prime mover trucks and drivers available for permanent contracts or Ad-Hoc work all across Melbourne and interstate if required. Our fleet of prime mover trucks are kept in perfect condition at all times and are able to transport just about any stock you might have and any time you need it moved.

We have single drive, bogie drive and B-Double rated prime movers available in our fleet, so we can accommodate medium and small loads depending on your needs.

Our modern trucks are equipped with GPS tracking and Sign on Glass technology, which can help you make better decisions for your business. In addition, OFE Refrigerated can provide relief in emergency situations where something has gone wrong on your end or a truck has been disabled. Our same-day service means we can provide an emergency prime mover and driver within hours no matter what time of day.

OFE Refrigerated Truck

Our Prime Movers service includes:

  • 24/7 service is available
  • Fully maintained modern fleet
  • Single drive Prime Mover
  • Bogie drive Prime Mover
  • B-Double rated Prime Movers
  • State of the art GPS tracking
  • Sign on glass technology
  • Same day service on request
  • Fully trained drivers complying with OHS regulations